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    SCX10 Steering Axle Upgrade Kit

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    Built for longevity: when you have sufficiently destroyed the bottom of your plastic housing, simply buy another plastic axle housing set for $12.00, install your internal components and breathe new life into your front end.

    The kit includes the following:

    Modified Plastic SCX10 axle housings: Axial 80003
    Modified XR10 CVDs: Axial 30563
    VP Wraith Scale Knuckles and C-Hubs
    BMRC Brass Crush Tubes
    Titanium Steering Linkage and Hardware

    Steering is 48 degrees right out of the box however the XR10 CVDs are capable of more if you wish to file the knuckle bumpstops. The custom length steering link is also designed to clear the housing in angles exceeding 48.

    The brass tubes are essential to the design and allow you to clamp down hard on the c-hubs without damaging the plastic housing or outer axle bearing. The brass tubes are drilled for the 2 standard c-hub screws but we do not recommend using them. The clamping force from the VP c-hubs will be quite sufficient to keep your knuckles in place. The reason for using brass is to add lots of non-rotating weight to your axle which will increase your traction without beating on you axles with excessive wheel weight. Brass tubes weigh 1.04oz (30 grams) each.

    The modified CVDs are precision machined to ensure a super tight fit depending on the age and machining tolerances of your current front diff. If you add a 300m spool your axles and spool will be sent as a perfectly matching set.

    Optional Accessories:

    D-Lux no-slop knuckle bushings for VP scale knuckles
    D-Lux 5x13 bearing upgrade
    BMRC 300m spool