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    Super Tuner Kit for XR10 Knuckle Weight Systems

    Our price:  $24.99

    The bolt holes in your BMRC weight systems are symmetrical so you can mount the add-on weights on either side, top or bottom. Place as much weight on the lower half as possible for a lower center of gravity. The banana outers weigh approx. .6 oz. or 17 grams each and are approx. .190” (5mm) thick and when put together the halves form a 1.6” (41 mm) outside diameter.

    Inner weights are 5mm thick and weigh .96 oz. or 27 grams each. XR10s can stack as much as 4 large inner weights in a typical build to achieve desired weight even with stubby hubs.

    The CNC machined brass add-on weights are powdercoated satin black and include 3mm stainless steel hardware.

    ** There is a LOT of weights in the Super Tuner kit... add-on weights will not work for every application, measure your wheels before purchasing. Competition rigs going to the extreme can add lots of weight by continuing to stack weight and grind off material wherever it hits. Custom weight systems and add-on weights can be made for crawlers using wheels with inside diameters larger than 1.65”. Email sales@bluemonkeyrc.com for more info.

    To suite our customers’ need for interchangeability, these add-on weights have been designed to fit all of the following BMRC weight systems:

    • XR10 and Wraith Front and Rear 360 and Low CG • SCX10 Front and Rear 360 and Low CG • Bully Front and Rear 360 and Low CG • Losi Comp Crawler Rear

    They will NOT work with:

    • Yota / TF2 • Losi Comp Crawler Front

    These particular weight systems have a different bolt pattern.


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