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    Locktite Threadlocker

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    Locktite 243 "Blue" threadlocker is medium strength. Medium locktite can be removed without using heat. This is a great all-around RC threadlocker.

    Locktite 262 "Red" threadlocker. High strength. Requires heat and a hand tool for removal.

    Locktite 545 "Purple" is a high quality thread sealant also known as pipe dope.

    Locktite 609 "Green" threadlocker is a retaining compound. This is intended as a permanent fix. Apply this to screws you do not want to be removed... ever. 609 is a good general retaining compound filling gaps up to .006".

    Locktite 620 "Green" retaining compound for loose fitting threads. Fills gaps up to .015". Permanent.


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